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In detail about recruitment agency "Business Connection" 

The recruitment agency " Business Connection " works in the market since 2001 and gives a number of services, called to satisfy the needs of companies for qualified personnel.

Mission of PA «Business Connection»:

On one hand mission of our company is to provide our clients with the best personnel for improving their business life.

On another hand we assist in presenting candidates’ potential to enable them in achieving the best results.

RA “Business Connection” helps to develop our client’s companies, increases their efficiency and competitiveness, using the international standards and own methods of searching candidates.

Special feature of our company is an individual approach to everyone.

We love and enjoy our job, so we try to do our best for you!

Our clients are companies opening new branches, actively growing and extending firms. Our services are also demanded in case of reorganization and change of proprietors, as this frequently causes a change of the personnel at key positions.

The technology of «Business Connection» is based on international standards of recruitment.

Our services possess the following advantages:

  • We save resources of our customers (time expenses, internet, telephone conferences)
  • We enable you to plan working hours effectively
  • We provide highest confidentiality, which is necessary at replacement of employees or closing of a top-position
  • Speed of selection of qualitative experts owing to the saved up base of our agency
  • We give guarantees on the candidate during a trial period (replacement is made free-of-charge and to minimum deadlines)

Consultants of «Business Connection» are specialized on the basic sectors of the market (food trade, construction, transport, industrial production, etc.), which allows us to be up-to-date to the basic events and tendencies in the markets, to give the client competent consultation on its specific labour market, to know experts of this structure, to provide quality and maximum fast selection.

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